Seamless & Optional Backlit Fabric Display

Key Features

  • Silicone Edge Graphics allows for quick/secure set-up
  • Easy to assemble & update graphics
  • Available as backlit display with LED light curtains
  • Equipped with mount points for optional frame lighting
  • Unleash creativity, graphics can go beyond the frame
  • Easy attachable feet in 3 colours
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Fast Setup
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Travel Ready

Impress Fabric Display

Innovative fabric SEG (Silicon edge graphic) pop-up fabric system, with a unique design that offers a sleek, collapsible display. Impress is the clever choice for elegant back walls that are ideal for photography shoots, exhibition backdrops or any retail solution.

Impress Fabric Display Stand

Lighting options for every occasion

Available with internal back-lit curtain of lights that creates a stunning backdrop for all lighting conditions, non backlit option uses the same frame, so lights can be added or removed depending on the situation. Combined this with the option to add LED or halogen frame lights, your system will be adaptable for years to come.

Print that looks fantastic

Purpose made SEG textile graphics hug the frame to create a sharp, effective back wall. Fabrics panels consist of a front panel and two side panels, with a option for printed or plain rear panel for 360° coverage and visibility. Beautiful colourfast print on standard fabric, or light fabric option for LED lighting show-through.

Size options and easy construction

Easy to build and transport, wheeled trolley case included. Whether you are using a stand-alone frame or as part of a display, take advantage of 20 frame sizes to find a solution to fit your exact requirements. Impress offers a visually stunning, minimal effort fabric solution.

Connectors to make advanced configurations

We have new connectors available for Impress which enables frames to be joined together at 90 degrees to create one display stand in an ‘L’ or ‘U’ shape. Bespoke exhibition stands can be created with an arch connector which can join two Impress stands together with an arch.

The following sizes are available …

3 Levels High (2.2m)

3 Levels High (2.2m)
Model Width Height
1×3 77cm 224cm
2×3 151cm 224cm
3×3 224cm 224cm
4×3 298cm 224cm
5×3 371cm 371cm
6×3 444cm 224cm
7×3 517cm 224cm
8×3 591cm 224cm

4 Levels High (3m)

4 Levels High (3m)
Model Width Height
1×4 77cm 298cm
2×4 151cm 298cm
3×4 224cm 298cm
4×4 298cm 298cm
5×4 371cm 371cm
6×4 444cm 298cm
7×4 517cm 298cm
8×4 591cm 298cm

5 Levels High (3.7m)

5 Levels High (3.7m)
Model Width Height
1×5 77cm 371cm
2×5 151cm 371cm
3×5 224cm 371cm
4×5 298cm 371cm

The following downloads are available for this product…

Title File Type File Size
Brochure (Backlit) PDF 2.36Mb
Brochure (Non-backlit) PDF 2.36Mb
Spec Sheet PDF 144kb
Setup Guide PDF 1.54Mb
90 Degree Connector Instructions PDF 1.17Mb
Templates (x3) / 2.2m ZIP 11.90Mb

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