Magnet Frame

Easy clip on magnetic graphics

Key Features

  • Single or double sided
  • Magnetic graphic mounted in seconds
  • Easy to assemble & change graphics
  • Suitable for roll up graphic panels
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Fast Setup
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Travel Ready

The stylish system for rollable panels

A double-sided frame for rollable, easily transported panels. The graphic is mounted securely in just seconds with magnetic strips, encased discreetly in its aluminium frames.

Flat Base

The new best friend of the popular Magnet Frame, designed to give it a super-stylish stable base, hiding screw and fixings underneath the system.

The following size information is available…

Base Dimensions

  Total Width Total Depth
Flat Base 400 412mm 260mm
Flat Base 610 622mm 260mm

Magnet Frame Dimensions

Version Total Width Total Height Panel Width Panel Height Combined Weight
400×1600 405mm 1600mm 400mm 1585mm 2.9kg
400×1800 405mm 1800mm 400mm 1785mm 3kg
610×1600 615mm 1600mm 610mm 1585mm 3.7kg
610×1800 615mm 1800mm 610mm 1785mm 3.8kg

The following downloads are available for this product…

Title File Type File Size
Spec Sheet PDF 137kb
Template (400mm x 1585mm) PDF 12kb
Template (400mm x 1785mm) PDF 12kb
Template (610mm x 1585mm) PDF 12kb
Template (610mm x 1785mm) PDF 12kb
Setup Guide PDF 748kb

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