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Event Conversations


Ever had trouble breaking the ice with visitors when exhibiting? With so much going on at a trade show, it can be tricky to get people to stop and notice your business. ‘Hello, how are you?’ as visitors pass by usually won’t cut it.

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Checklist Notes


This template can be used to brief your stand staff at your next exhibition. Just fill in the details & make notes where prompted to remind you of all the important information to help everyone make your exhibition day go smoothly.

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Your Expo Footprint


There are benefits of large and small exhibition spaces to consider. When you take into account pricing factors, it’s tempting to book a small exhibition stand space. But before you do, it’s worth looking at the benefit’s of a bigger space.

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Get Noticed


It’s crucial to make your exhibition space noticeable in order to catch the eye of visitors. Even with a small stand space, it’s possible to do this, providing you can invest in some key stand components and well-designed displays.

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Things To Avoid


Five simple tips to get the most out of exhibiting, there are certain things that you should avoid doing if you want to walk away with plenty of leads.

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Increase Visitors


To create brand awareness and generate quality leads you’ll need to attract visitors to your stand. Here’s five great tips how to get people to stop at your stand instead of passing on by.

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iPad Display Stands Explained


iPad display stands are used as floor standing interactive display points. This guide helps explain their advantages, different formats, security, set-up and charging features. Helping you make an informed choice to enclose and display your event tablet.

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Email Marketing Guide for Exhibitors


Our in-depth guide to email marketing and live events. Statistics, content tips and strategies to consider both before and after the event.

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Exhibiting Pro Tips


Our full guide on exhibiting for professionals. 12 in-depth tips to really help you and your team focus on what you need to consider at your next big event.

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Exhibiting Digital Tips


In a brave new digital world and the explosion in data where do you start with technology integration and live exhibitions? Our top tips will help you to consider what’s right for your stand.

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Exhibition Email Mini Guide


The quick guide to co-ordinate your email strategy before and after your next live event.

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Exhibiting Last Minute


Your boss has found a great event with only a few weeks to spare! Its landed on your desk to get organised. Our quick guide and checklist on where to start.

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Exhibition Timeline


6 months to go until your next live event, it will fly by! Get organised before and after the event so you are in complete control and not left with any last minute worries.

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Top Ten Tips


Our top tips for planning your exhibition, a great place to start if you have been felt the daunting task of arranging your companies next live event. Ideas to get your team thinking and focused.

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Exhibition Statistics


Eight quick fire statistics from independently gathered sources on the benefits of exhibition participation, surveyed before and after the event to judge real opinions on live exhibiting.

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Artwork Guide


Artwork for large format jargon can be confusing, even for experienced print designers. Our introduction guide gives you the low down on what to look for without talking down to you, we want to help get it right without the hassle.

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Outdoor Sail Banner Guide


Sail Banners – Portable flag displays primarily for outdoor use, designed to be portable and compact for easy transportation, built to withstand the elements. Complete introduction to the system from design to build and available options.

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Banner Guide


Whether you’re new to exhibiting or have been buying banner stands for years, our complete guide to the banner system will help you come to terms with all the available options and the differences in what looks like very similar models.

Download (284kb | PDF)

Impact Pop-Up System Guide


Probably the most popular backdrop display stands sold worldwide. Our complete introduction guide to the Pop-Up stand. Advice to choose, build and transport this popular display system.

Download (441kb | PDF)

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