Pop Up Stands

The Zoom Display range of Impact pop up stands is made up of Xpress, Original and Plus. The graphic panels for each Impact pop up stand are produced using exactly the same materials and process. The price difference is in the quality of the materials used in the pop up frame, and overall durability of the hardware. Xpress is our lowest cost pop up stand, although is very good quality compared to many budget pop up systems available online. Original is our mid range system, and our most popular. This has a high quality magnetic fitting system, which does not weaken over time, and ensures the graphic panels snap straight onto the frame. Impact Plus is our premium frame, and comes with a durable carbon fibre frame, which has won a Red Dot design award. All of our displays come with a guarantee against product failure, with high impact graphic panels produced at our own graphic production facility.

Learn more about the differences between our Pop Up Display Stands.

We fully understand that sometimes, you need a display stand which will literally pop-up and be ready to use with minimum fuss, we believe our range of pop-up display stands offers everything you need. With three pop-up stands offered as part of the range, we’re able to present you with solutions to meet your specific needs. All of our pop-up display stands are produced using the same high-quality materials and go through the same production process to ensure you’re happy with the finished product.


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