Sail Banners

Sail Banners are a great marketing tool for getting your brand noticed at outdoor events.  Each Sail Banner is available in a range of heights with single or double sided fabric panels, and with a range of base options.  We are one of the only companies in the UK who can produce double sided Sail Banners, ensuring that your branding can be seen from any direction.  Available from 2.1m up to 6.7m high.

Teardrop Banner

Best selling Sail Banner 2.4m - 5.6m high


Available 2.5m - 5.5m high

Feather Banner

Rectangular flag shape available 2.1m - 5.1m high

Flying Banner Supersized

Extra tall Sail Banner available 6m high

Wing Banners Supersized

Extra tall Sail Banner available 6.7m high

A Great Range Of Sail Banners

Sail banners take literally no more than a couple of minutes to put up and are a fantastic way to promote your brand outdoors, regardless of the weather. From our teardrop banners and feather banners through to our supersized wing banners and flying banners, we're proud to offer a great range of products to meet your every need.

Sail banners are a fantastic marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes and are also a great way to generate exposure both at events or outside your premises. You won't have to go too far to see sail banners being used by everyone from car dealers through to visitor attractions as a way to market their brand and there's no doubting the effectiveness of this product. Sail banners are both flexible, lightweight and reusable and are, above all else, a cost effective approach to outdoor advertising.

The Perfect Tool For Outdoor Branding

Whether you're looking for the perfect tool for outdoor brand building at a sporting event, charity event, in your showroom or out on your forecourt, we're confident you'll benefit significant from sail banners and our range of options ensures that, regardless of your requirements, we'll be able to offer a solution which meets them.

Even in the wind and rain, our range of sail banners, due to their design, will remain standing, unlike many other outdoor advertising alternatives which rely on great weather! Available in a range of sizes, colours and single or double sided, when used as outdoor displays, sail banners ensure your message stays strong come rain or shine and with a number of different bases and fittings, from spikes to water bag cross bases and even wall mounts, you'll instantly start to see the benefit of this great brand building tool.

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