Kiosk Tablet Display Stand

Floorstanding Tablet Display Stand

Key Features

  • Fits most standard size tablets
  • Straight or curved design
  • Secure modern design
  • Internal power cable system
  • Pattern bezel shapes
  • Fast Setup
  • Superior Quality
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Best Seller
  • Quick Turnaround

Our Kiosk Tablet Display Stands are floor standing tablet display units with a choice of a curved or straight upright frame . This is a stunning tablet display solution that can have either a black or white acrylic infill in the upright section, or a graphic panel infill that we can print in-house. The replaceable infill graphic panel offers an ideal opportunity for branding and can be supplied to your design to ensure maximum impact. The bezel surround comes in a choice of black or white acrylic, or we can produce a printed adhesive panel fitted to the bezel. All power cables are discreetly managed in the enclosure and vertical support.

Available with five bezel shapes - square, rectangular, circular, cloud or speech bubble. The home button can be revealed or concealed, and the bezel has a lock on the rear to keep your tablet secure.

Kiosk Tablet Display Bezel Options


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