Reconfigurable, funky, cutting-edge - Pop-up printed fabric frames


Pop-up fabric frame only limited by creativity

Xclaim – A simple lightweight collapsible pop up frame, capable of displaying a wide range of configurations with different graphic shapes and layouts to make a display unlike no other you have seen before.

Simple pop-up frames are capable of displaying an almost endless range of different shapes and sizes with graphic options that remain in place when the frame is collapsed allowing you to set up the stand in under 30 seconds.

Xclaim is simple to use & lightweight, giving you a whole new way to display.


The following size configurations are available …

Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight
2x2 Tabletop 1510 1510 315 2.8kg
3x1 2230 750 315 3.3kg
3x2 2230 1510 315 4.7kg
3x3 2230 2230 315 6.3kg
3x4 2230 2980 315 8kg
3 Quad 1600 2140 315 3.3kg
6 Quad 2090 3200 315 5kg
10 Quad 2620 4250 315 7.3kg
Cross shape 2130 2130 315 5kg
Title File Size Format
Setup Guide 1.61Mb
File is a PDF typePDF
Templates 56.11Mb
File is a ZIP typeZIP


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