Create a impressive wall mounted display in record setup time with Vector Wall Quick Fix. A slim 20mm deep profile allows Silicone edged fabric graphics to be mounted to the wall quickly, with ease.

Position and drill through the frame and attach to your wall using suitable fixings. To reduce frame mounting time the extrusion has been designed with a groove for easy drill hole positioning.

The Vector Wall Quick Fix frame is a single sided display that's available in a range of standard or custom sizes (up to 4m x 3m). Allowing you to create complete display walls, great for a quick exhibition display solution or shell scheme option.

Vector Quick Fix gives you a professional fabric picture frame finish with ease.

The following sizes are available…

Height Width Depth
250mm 250mm 20mm
420mm 594mm 20mm
500mm 500mm 20mm
594mm 841mm 20mm
750mm 750mm 20mm
707mm 1000mm 20mm
841mm 1189mm 20mm
1000mm 1000mm 20mm
1000mm 1414mm 20mm
1189mm 1682mm 20mm
Title File Size Format
Setup Guide 160kb
File is a PDF typePDF
Templates 1.71Mb
File is a ZIP typeZIP


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