Formulate Designer

Design your customised Formulate stand

Formulate Evolved

Since its introduction our Formulate range has provided a wide range of branding opportunities. Due to its huge success and ease of use the evolution from simple backdrops into full stand fabric structures has been a natural progression for this versatile system.

Design your own

Design and build your own

By its very nature printing on fabric allows you to explore new possibilities in terms of both graphics and shapes. With the help of our design team we will produce 3D plans to fit with your ideas & exhibition space. We also have off the shelf designs to get you exhibiting with this versatile system straight away.

Everything Formulate

Graphic are reproduced using dye sublimation processes, the stretchy material allows a close fit to any shape, even the most unexpected ones! Installation is very simple and, because the displays are not very bulky, they are also very easy to transport.

Formulate Accents

Formulate Accents

These elegant curved structures and delicate shapes offer you off the shelf additions to maximise effect and visual elements to your Formulate Design Stand. Accents are the final piece of the jigsaw that turns Formulate fabric into a full-scale modular design system.

Fully customisable exhibition stands with the full range of Formulate frame accessories including literature & screen holders. Formulate Design is the easy way to go modular.


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