IET Case Study

IET Case Study

The Brief

The IET (Institution of Engineering) are a governing body in the engineering sector, who travel all over the country to various trade shows to talk directly with their members and directly sell and supply documents outlining the latest industry regulations for may professional trades.

When they originally came to us the brief was to create a professional stand that reflected their industry position and provided a safe secure area to lock away valuable documents that are sold on the day.

Opting for our full on-site installation and storage service allowed us to build a system that we could deliver to each venue and adapt to different size events across the country.

Original stand with screen,
shelving and curved stand options.

Lockable storage inside the stand.

The Solution

A simple, pop-up self-build system was not a priority for the IET, they wanted a strong, secure stand delivered, built and ready to use when they arrived at the event. The T3 frame more than met this requirement. The T3 system has a simple build click-lock frame structure, even with this easy frame build, inexperienced exhibitors may find it slightly complicated at first, organisation and the correct order and storage of parts, both building and taking down the stand is the key to a successful T3 stand, the IET are happy to leave that side of the operation with our build team.

Why T3?

Safe in the knowledge that when they arrive on site the stand is built and ready to go, enabling the sales team to concentrate on their own tasks for the event days ahead. Before long the benefits of the T3 were clear, they owned a system that could easily adapt and change graphics for different events, eventually adding different features like built-in shelving and eye-catching lighting features.

Additional graphic and height options

The T3 stand today has carried on with this tradition of adaptability, totally unrecognisable from its first revision yet build on the same frame structure and storage requirements. The system now has a removable fabric height extension that is back lit, allowing it to be seen far and wide at many of the larger events across the country, yet sill able to fit neatly into the smaller ones. The shelving with its rotating coloured lights makes it instantly recognisable and really highlights the IET core product, their industry manuals.

Stand with lit fabric extension and coloured light shelving

Adapted to fit into the smallest space yet still stand out

Fabric Addition

The fabric height extension is incredibly light and easy to build, and has dramatically enhanced the overall effectiveness of the stand. Seamless panels are easy to fit, simple to update and store away easily without getting damaged - all in all an impressive hassle free addition.

Install & Breakdown

The IET are a great company to work with and we are proud of our long-term relationship. As they use our full storage, installation & breakdown service we are able to work closely with them and identify problems or ideas on how the stand can further develop for future event needs.

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